Principle of treating diseases by Qi Gong

Why can Qi Gong heal “incurable diseases”, chronic diseases, and a variety of strange and complicated diseases that leave western medicinal doctors at a loss?

Some examples are: after getting qigong treatments a paralized patient can discard their wheelchair and walk independently; a rheumatism patient is completly relieved from the pain that they suffered for many years; the tumor on a patients body shrinks or even completely vanishes. After practicing qigong, a patient with a serious cardiovascular disease is rehabilitated.

The miracles of treating illness with qigong are now indisputable facts. The total efficiency of Qi Gong treatment is more than 90%. It is absolutely not a coincidence that it has such a high level of efficacy. It is worth pointing out that most of those patients had long periods of treatments from famous doctors in big hospitals and many of them had been told that there was no cure for their “terminal illness” according to the world of authority.